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Top Networking Questions #16

How do I build Advocates?


    Advocates are the key to successful networking?  In this short video Dave Clarke of NRG explains how you build advocate relationships: 


    Networking is about making friends in business.


    Within any group of friends that we have through work, social or sporting activities there will naturally be some people we become closer to than others. These are the people that can really become your advocates. They are the close relationships to:


    • Look after
    • Find out what makes them tick
    • Find out what they are looking for, and
    • Do the things that are really going to help them (and by doing that they will do things for you).


    When you've got a really close relationship like that with somebody who is prepared to go out and recommend you unreservedly to people then you can probably go deeper in that relationship.


    You can agree specific meetings where the agenda is


    'How are we going to help and support each other for the next month / three months (whatever the frequency is) and who are we going to introduce each other to'.



    Key Learning Points:

    Networking is about making friends in business


    Build the relationship (know, like, rate and trust)


    At the right moment agree specific regular meeting to agree mutual support plan.



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