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Top Networking Questions #3

How do I get in front of the right people when networking?


    Do you find it difficult to get in front of the people that are right foryou?.  In this short video Martin Davies of NRG shows how to find of the people you need to get in front of:


    It starts by being crystal clear about your Target Market and understanding the value you add.  


    When asked about their Target Market most people spread the net too wide (in case they miss anything).


    The key is to focus on a niche.  People remember niches.


    So, when talking about what you do describe the

    • Type of people you are looking for

    • Problem they have

    • What they got out of you solving it (key is to use their language)


    Over time you will ‘train’ the people you network with to be able to recognise a problem you solve so when they hear someone talking about it they can say:


    “Ah, if you want that problem fixed you really ought to meet with x because ….”  And they know how to finish the sentence.


    Key learning points:


    • Be crystal clear about your Target Market


    • Understand Value you add


    • Think niche


    • Describe   
      • Type of people you are looking for
      • Their problem
      • What you do to solve it (their language)
      • “Ah, if you want problem fixed meet x because … “



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    Here are the three top reasons1.1    Not being clear about thingsSpecifically:•    What you do •    Who you are looking for•    How you add value1.2    You are selling not networkingI often ask at our networking events who has come here to buy.  Nobody puts their hands up.  Trying to sell stuff really doesn’t work.  People just switch off.1.3    You aren’t following upI see so many people who go to networking meetings,Meet the right people, establish rapport, and then …. Do nothing and wonder why nothing happens.In this day and age it is simple to follow up by email reminding them of the meeting connecting on Linkedin, following them of Twitter, sending a relevant blog, inviting them for a coffee.So, it’s always a good idea to put time in your diary after a networking meeting to follow up.