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Top Networking Questions #9

How do you get the most out of Business Networking?


    How do you get the most out of Networking?  In this short video Dave Clarke of NRG explains how:


    You get the most out of Networking by taking the right approach.


    Networking is not selling.


    A lot of people make the mistake that if they are going Networking they're looking for customers in the room. There are a couple of problems with that:


    • iI I come and pitch at you directly I probably put you off and

    • I've ended the conversation before it starts.


    The trick to getting the most out of Networking is to find people


    • who you can get on with
    • who you can make friends with in business and
    • you can help support each other and part of that is introducing you to opportunities for business.


    Think about the people that you are Networking with as a route to market and not the market.


    Key Learning Points:

    Networking isn't selling.


    Don't look for customers in the room.


    Look for people you get on with and become friends


    Think of these people as your route to market not the market.





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