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Top Networking Questions #8

How do you tell a good story?


    Do you envy some people's ability to tell good stories?  In this short video Martin Davies of NRG shows you how to tell a story that people will remember:


    We all love stories.  They are the best way to get people to remember you.  You might forget people’s names but you will remember the story they told long after.Here are the key elements to a story you can tell in a networking event:
    • Introduce the key character - name and company
    • Outline their problem - paint problem emotionally
    • What I did – short version
    • Result – outcome – numbers
    • Consequence – benefit – eg sleep at night.

    Here is an example from a member who was a business coach.


    • John was a sole trader taxi driver working 12 hours a day, not enough money, health deteriorating.
    • I did my stuff and over the next 6 months:
    • Income up 70%
    •  John employed another driver
    • His hours reduced to 45 hours a week
    • As a consequence John’s health significantly improved and he sleeps at night.


    Key Learning Points:

    Here are the key elements of a good story:

    • Introduce key character    - name and company
    • Outline their problem        - paint problem emotionally
    • Tell what you did               - short version
    • Result                               - outcome – numbers
    • Consequence                   - benefit, eg sleep at night.


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