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"Whenever I am talking to accountants about Networking I always encourage them to try NRG-Networks. NRG groups are ideal both for accountants who don't like networking and for those who want to network with more established and professional businesses"

Mark Lee, Chairman of the Tax Advice Network

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I attend an NRG event as a guest?

As often as you like within your free trial Membership period.

What are the timings for the NRG Lunch events?

NRG Lunches run between 11:00 and 14:30:

11:00 NRG Xtra

12:00 Open Networking

12:30 The NRG Facilitated Networking Lunch

14:00 Expert Speaker

What are the timings for the NRG Metropolitan Breakfast events?

NRG Breakfasts usually are fromn 8:00 to 10:00:

08:00 Open Networking

08:30 The NRG Metropolitan Facilitated networking Breakfast

How often are the events?

They are held in the same part of every month (i.e. the first Tuesday) and always at the same venue.

How do I book an event?

Via the website event calendar or phone booking line 0845 40 80 639. 

Payment is by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Debit cards. 

Is there a booking deadline?

Yes.  We have to commit initial numbers to the venue seven days before the event.  Effectively, that becomes the booking deadline.  After this time we will still accept bookings and payment will be taken immediately. 

If you turn up at the event on the day, we will always accommodate you – but make no promises regarding optimal seating.  You will need to bring payment with you.

Are event fees refundable if I cannot make it?

Yes – but only if you cancel before the booking deadline.  After the booking deadline, we regret that fees cannot be refunded as we have committed numbers with the venue.

As a Member, I have completed a residual authorisation from my Credit/Debit card for Lunch fees. What happens if I cannot make it?

NRG assumes that, as a Member, you will be attending every event at your “Home” group.

If you cannot make it, consider sending a Substitute from your organisation.  If this is not possible, you should present your apologies before the booking deadline and we will reimburse you.  However, if you cancel after the booking deadline your payment process will apply.

How do I cancel my booking?

Log on to the Members Area on the website, go to “Booked Events” and select CM (Cancel or Modify).

Is there any from of “penalty” if I miss an event?

No.  The only downside is that you may miss a fellow Member who has business for you.  We will ask you each month (by email) whether you are coming to the next event.  You have the option of confirming or declining – it’s easy.

Do I know who the other event attendees are, and can I choose who I sit with?

To choose with whom you wish to sit, go to “Seating Requests”.

How many of my competitors will there be at the event?

We limit the number of Members to a minimum of four in any category at any event.  We also try to ensure that you do not sit at a table with a competitor.

As a Member, can I attend an NRG group in another town or city?

Yes. This is a benefit of Membership. 

As a Member, can I bring a guest?

Yes.  We actively encourage Members to bring guests as it is an excellent way of getting to know your business acquaintances. You can also invite a guest using the website invite guest page.

Do I have to bring referrals or guests to each event?

No.  The prime purpose of the meeting is to start developing the relationships of trust and knowledge that lead to business. However we do actively encourage Members to bring guests.

Can I display my marketing material?

Yes.  For Members and guests an area is provided for brochures and pamphlets.

Can I ‘showcase’ my business to all the Members and guests?

Yes.  This is a benefit of Membership.  Contact NRG and we will schedule a 10-minute presentation ‘slot’ for you during the event (where such slots are available).

What is NRG Xtra?

NRG Xtra sessions are held before NRG Lunch Group events. Xtra is a facilitated session for members and guests to discuss business issues, problems or opportunities and gain help, ideas and advice from each other.

What is covered by the expert speakers?

The seminars cover networking, personal development and general business topics. 

Do I need to book for Xtra?

Yes.  You can do so when you book and are included in the cost of the event. You can always return later and book to attend after you have booked the associated event.

Can I be a speaker?

In principle yes and it is a priviledge of membership.  We look for presenters who are subject matter experts, offer pragmatic advice and can present well.  It that's you then get in touch with us and, providing we agree the topic, we will schedule it. 

Please be aware that these slots are for the education of fellow Members and should not be viewed as an advertising opportunity – although acknowledgement of your products and services will be made.

Can I change my NRG “Home” group?

Yes.  But only by arrangement with your NRG Area Director or Group Leader.  It is important to realise that business relationships are best developed over an extended period.

Can I change my business category?

Yes.  By arrangement with your NRG Area Director or Group Leader, but it just reflect your primary business activity.

How many people of the same profession can join an NRG group?

We limit the number of Members to a maximum of four in a category in any one group. 

What is the cost of NRG Membership?

Membership involves a monthly investment of £35 (+ VAT) or a single annual payment of £395 (+ VAT).  In both cases there is an additional initial charge of £100 (+ VAT). 

From time to time, NRG may have special discounts on Membership.

What happens if other people in my organisation also want to join NRG?

Please contact us for multiple memberships for your organisation..

Are the Membership fees refundable?

No.  Membership fees are for a 12-month period initially.  If the annual Membership option is taken at the first anniversary there is the option to renew either on an annual or monthly basis.  If the monthly Membership option is taken, the commitment is for the first 12 months, thereafter Membership can be cancelled at any time with 30 days written notice.

Is the event charge included in the Membership fee?

No.  meeting charges are separate. Members pay their event fees by retained Credit/Debit details.  Don’t worry - these details are kept securely by our transaction processor.

How do I find out who other NRG Members are, and can I make contact with them?

Contact details are in the Members Area of the NRG website.  We ask you not to ‘spam’ other Members but encourage contact in order to promote your business.

You say it’s all about establishing relationships – when do I get business?

That depends on what you have to offer and your ability to network.  As a member you get access to training materials through the NRG website and NRG Xtra is a great forum for getting practical help with your networking. 

I’ve been to several NRG events and don’t seem to be getting anywhere – can you help?

Yes, raise this at an NRG Xtra session. Contact you NRG Area Director or Group Leader to discuss how best to develop your networking skills.

Do you have any other advice?

Yes! In the words of Woody Allen:

“80% of success is showing up”

The key to successful networking is making the time and effort to be there regularly, being generous in spirit and building relationships.