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"Through NRG we have gained 7 new clients and 50,000 over the last two years"

Rhidian Jones, Route-to-Market

Verbatim Call Handling Service - Proud Sponsors of NRG

NRG Gold 2

NRG Gold


“Once You’ve Been Referred, Do You Make These Killer Sales Mistakes When Trying To Win New Business…? –

Everybody Does…”

       Marcus Cauchi

From the Worlds No.1 Sales Institute – the sales system behind the world’s Top Sales Teams & The UK’s Best Lunchtime Business Network

If you’re networking for referrals and then making the following sales mistakes – we will guarantee that they are costing you sales, time and money – and a lot of it:


·   Presenting BEFORE your prospect has agreed to buy

·   Handling your prospect’s objections

·   Answering your prospect’s questions

·   Giving away free consulting


·   Wanting to be liked above wanting to go to the bank

·   Leaving money discussions until last

·   Educating your prospects

·   Closing at the end of your pitch

·   Making one-sided concessions in your negotiations


You’re probably thinking…. but that’s what you HAVE to do isn’t it…?

 I used to think this way too.  For 16 years I ‘qualified’, ‘presented’, ‘handled objections’, ‘proposed’ and was ‘persistent’ in my follow-up… but where did it get me…. the same place it gets every salesperson and small business that does this… nowhere (most often).  The truth is - if you want to be more successful, productive and ultimately make more money you have to do things differently.  And adopters of the Sander Sales System worldwide are genuinely seeing big increases in sales, conversion rates, deal values and incomes. So…


…Join NRG Gold, a joint venture between NRG and London’s First Sandler Sales Institute delivered by sales guru Marcus Cauchi and we’ll show you:

  • How to stop giving free consulting
  • How to close at the start of a sale instead of at the end of the sale
  • A new way to get prospects to handle their own objections
  • The 7 Secrets of getting a prospect to pay premium prices even when they say they have no budget
  • A little known technique that will help you eliminate time-wasters
  • What top Sandler Sales people do to close 90%+ of the time
  • And so much more…


Get your diary out, clear the morning of the 1st Tuesday of each month and join us for the monthly NRG Gold Executive Briefing to learn how to turn referrals into income.


Just contact Dave Clarke or click here


“Why Networkers Fail at Sales & What You Can Do To Fix It Immediately.”

Simply the best Sales Trainer it's been my good fortune to spend time with however uncomfortable it gets. Rest assured if you are willing to change your behaviour to sell more and enjoy it you're going to have to squirm a bit first. He's expensive and worth every penny.

Dave Clarke, CEO, NRG

Great sales training costs a lot. If you want the best you can expect to pay at least £10,000-£30,000 per year per person. If it’s good, it’s well worth it, especially in a buyer’s market where budgets are scarce and competitors plentiful.


But cost doesn’t have to be a concern of yours, because NRG Gold in a unique joint venture between NRG and Marcus Cauchi, the founder of London’s First Sandler Sales Institute we can bring you accelerated networking with Sandler™ sales training for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. Through this unique offer, Marcus will teach you how to take control of almost all buyers within 30 seconds of first speaking to them, tailor your sales message to meet the exact needs of your prospect or disqualify them quickly so they don’t waste your time and close 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% even 90% of your prospects …. on your terms not theirs.

One week on from attending Marcus' workshop and I'm already seeing benefit. His methods are startlingly different from those most of us are trained in, but I can see that they work. Critically for me Marcus' advice on filtering out timewasters has proved really valuable. I'm spending my time on the right prospects now, and qualifying them in ways I never would have attempted in the past.

Rhidian Jones, Managing Director, Conference Reservations Systems

January 2006 and I was at my wits end, falling sales figures, bank account well into the red, not a clue where my next new client was coming from let alone what sort of quality they would be. I was close to closing my factory gates for the last time and then I found all these glowing testimonials about Marcus and thought what the hell, it's got to be worth one last call before throwing the towel in. I phoned Marcus for the first time, one wet miserable Sunday night in January. I have to tell you it was the most important call I have ever made. Marcus listened to my problems, he quickly understood my needs and over the first four months he put me on the road I always wanted to be on.


With his nurturing nature and sense of fun Marcus is guiding me through the Sandler Selling System. This approach to sales is so different from anything I've ever seen or experienced. It has in a short space of time helped me to produce sales figures that are double those I was producing before, I have improved the quality of my clients beyond belief, I now get regular repeat orders from major blue chip companies, who are paying me in half the time that my traditional client base take, oh and the bank account is firmly back in the black.


6 months in, I hit break-even a month before the next month begins and have raised my monthly revenues by at least £25,000 per month.

Paul Manson, Managing Director, Design & Print

Marcus is simply brilliant at what he does, which is to help others overcome their fears about selling, learn a better way to sell and succeed where they previously failed so miserably.I attended one of Marcus' Executive Briefings and I was amazed at what I learned. Marcus really knows his stuff. Even better, Marcus shows you how you can win business more quickly and without all the hassle that you currently have. The first session took just 4 hours and I learned how to not to lose out on £200,000 of good, solid profitable business every year.

Bryan Barrow, Managing Director, Nova Consulting Ltd

The world is blessed with many competent people within their chosen fields of endeavour, but there are very few real stars that emerge that dominate their section of the universe. Marcus is one of those rare people with the "Midas" touch that can guide most people from a state of mediocrity to the dizzying heights of excellence in the art and science of salesmanship.

Gerry Lemberg, President, Silver Fox Ventures, Venture Capitalist


Rarely could I say that I’ve met someone who took me through a life changing experience..... and it being a positive experience more importantly. This is how I would describe the case of meeting Marcus and learning about the Sandler techniques he teaches. I can remember speaking to Marcus first time on the phone a few months ago; how sceptical I felt about adopting or so to say "buying" into his approach. Never had I been more wrong in my life!!! Marcus approach is truly different in its brilliance. He is direct and professional. Most importantly what he teaches works. If one can adopt and learn what Marcus has to teach in his courses and seminars, one is guaranteed success and prosperous results not only in sales but in all aspects of life. It is a pleasure to see Marcus "practice what he preaches". Bottom line he is a great coach. He is intelligent, caring, keen to help, has a great sense of humour and just is fun to learn from. You are going to exceed your sales target.... what else can anyone ask for? If you are not talking to him yet, you should hurry up!

Yuval Herrmann, Sales Director, Cola Group (Hotel Chain)


Marcus, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my business. We have gone from a 10-month sales cycle to closing a new deal once per month - in June we closed FOUR new pieces of business. This has had a dramatic effect on the economics of our business - thank you!


Andre Brown, CEO, Locayta


Marcus is a genuine sales expert. Now that's not an accolade I give easily given my own in-depth understanding of sales, spanning the last 20 years.He is always highly motivated, completely on top of his game and is a guy we can all learn a great deal from - especially in selling.


Shaz Quereshi, Sales Guru

Yes, the price for NRG Gold accelerated networking membership and 16 (sixteen) 3-hour, high impact, high Return-on-Investment sales training is only £3,997 + VAT per annum.


If you pay in-full, up-front you can enjoy all the benefits of NRG Gold / Sandler membership for £3,247 + VAT saving you £750, otherwise you will choose to pay with a deposit of £615 + VAT and eleven (11) further monthly instalments of only £315 + VAT.

Just contact Dave Clarke


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