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    "Thank you for a very warm welcome. Networking at its best!"

    Andrew Livingstone, Lloyds Banking Group

    Business Networking Podcast

    Power up your Networking!

    The NRG Business Networking Podcast from Dave Clarke is full of hints, tips, advice, insights and stories to help you get the most from your networking. Each episode less than 3 minutes. Scroll down for latest.



    Why are you networking & are you prepared?

    In this episode of the NRG Podcast we take a look at the importance of asking yourself why you are networking. You can then prepare yourself fully to ‘Power up Your Networking’ and get the results you want.


    How to start organising your network

    This episode reveals how you can start to organise your network to produce the results you want. If you are new to networking or even if you have been networking for some time it is a good idea to identify who is in your network today. Then do a bit of work to put them into categories so that you can begin to build your network in the right way for you and your business.


    How do you start building on your existing network?

    The previous episode talked about identifying those people in your network today. This session takes that to the next stage. How to build on that network so that you surround yourself with the right people for you and your business. How you can do things to ensure that you build that network to produce the right results for you and your business.


    Your target market – Who is your right person?

    How often have you heard or used the phrase “if only I could get in front of the right person”? It would help your network a whole lot more if you were to spend some time identifying that right person. This session discusses the key messages you need to put across to help others to advocate you in the right situations.


    How to explain what you do

    "What do you do?" Why is such a simple question so hard to answer? It's a question you will always get asked when networking. Despite this it often appears to be the most difficult thing to answer. This session gives you some advice on how you can always answer quickly, confidently and effectively.


    How to focus on the right people

    When networking for new business, build close relationships with others who provide a complementary service to the same target market as your 'Inner Network'. This will help your networking to become a regular and reliable source of new business.


    How to motivate your network to advocate you

    Getting other business people to recommend and advocate you is what networking is all about for many people. This sessions explains how to set about motivating others in your Inner Network to advocate you.


    The difference between Networking and Selling

    If you are looking for business today from the people you meet, that is selling. Successful networking builds your business for tomorrow. This session explains the difference in approach between selling and successful networking.


    Why join a networking group?

    Time is a really precious resource so you want to make sure you invest your business networking time wisely.


    How to be successful when networking in a Group

    To help you get results more quickly, I have identified and share eight things that successful networkers do. If you put these things into practice, you too can begin to get better results.

    Developing a Networking Strategy

    Many people report that networking and word of mouth is their most important source of business. The ironic thing is that most of them will have strategies for other parts of their marketing, but not for the most important! In this podcast I talk about the simple steps involved in developing a networking strategy.


    How to really connect with someone

    Networking is not about swapping business cards and moving on. You need to engage in conversation first to start the relationship. In this podcast I talk about how to really connect.


    What is your niche?

    When you explain to people what you do are your specific enough about the business that you are looking for? This podcast explains why casting your net too wide can be counter productive.


    What do you really do?

    In the 5th of theses podcasts 'How to explain what you do' I spoke about how to answer confidently when someone asks you that simple question, "what do you do?" This session explains more about giving your answer in a way that is easily understood and gives an insight into what you really do.


    Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!

    Follow up is essential in building relationships and so is vital if you want your networking to be productive. In this podcast I explain the importance of follow up and share some simple tips on how to get into the habit of following up.


    How to have a Good One2One Meeting

    The key to building a successful relationship with someone in business networking is follow up. One2One interactions are an essential part of this follow up. It is the next step after you have invested time in getting to know someone at your regular networking group meetings. In this podcast I explain how to have a productive One2One Meeting.


    The importance of advocating others in building your network

    As you build your network you will want to benefit from the relationships you are building. In the 7th of these podcasts 'How to motivate your network to advocate you' I spoke about networking to create advocates for you and your business. This short podcast explains further the importance of advocating others in your network first.


    How to motivate your network to do things for you

    Some people participate actively in business networks, but complain about the results they get. Or more accurately the results they don't get! This short podcast explains how to motivate the people in your inner network to do things for you.


    The business networking catch 22

    In networking you will often be looking for a referral from someone you have not done business with. This can be a problem as the person may well need some experience of what you do first. In this short podcast I talk about how you can share your expertise and build the trust needed for someone to recommend you.


    Quality versus Quantity in Business Networking

    Successful networkers often look as though they have hundreds or even thousands of connections. That can lead people to think that successful networking is about large numbers. The reality is that even those people with huge numbers concentrate their efforts on a much smaller number. It's the relationships with this close network that produce the results. This short podcast is about the confusion that arises around the subject of quantity or quality in networking.



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