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    "A professionally run operation that is serious about the members' businesses"

    William Spragg

    NRG membership information and invitation

    Invitation to join NRG-networks
    Build your extended network,and grow you and your business

    If you are seeking a network the most important factor is finding a group where you can meet like-minded people regularly to build business relationships and make friends. It takes time to build trust so be prepared to make a long term commitment.


    Key questions to ask yourself are:


    Am I likely to find the sort of people who know my target market there? - do they swim in the same pond?


    Do I feel comfortable in this environment


    Can I contribute to the group - am I prepared to?


    The members of NRG are the owners & directors of service businesses & partners in professional firms who attend regularly to build a trusted network for business, support and friendship.


    You will only know if it is right for you if you try it. Come along as a visitor for facilitated networking with other likeminded business owners and professionals and see if the NRG approach would suit you and your business.


    Book one of the monthly group events and get one month trial membership free!


    "NRG is sophisticated, up market networking at its best"
    Warren Cass, Business-Scene.Com
    "£63k of new business in the past year and stellar top 200 law firm clients"
    Daniel Broadhead, Inon
    "Through NRG we gained 7 new clients
    and £50000 revenue in two years"
    Rhidian Jones, Route-to-Market
    "NRG has helped me build a proper pipeline,
    I get new clients consistently"
    Sharif George, Computer Help People

    "NRG is sophisticated, up market networking at its best"

    Warren Cass, Author of Influence


    "It's the combination of a core membership who understand networking, a good mix of businesses of different sizes, and a relaxed atmosphere that make it such a worthwhile investment."

    Andy Lopata


    "Through Through my membership of NRG I gained ten clients and well into six figures of business. I also found 14 suppliers, and at my very first event I was introduced to Philip Evans. 13 years later and I still work with Philip every week in a collaboration that has produced over £10 million. And all because of the format and environment that you guys created."

    Rhidian Jones


    "NRG groups are ideal both for accountants who don't like networking and for those who want to network with more established and professional businesses"

    Mark Lee, Chairman of the Tax Advice Network

    If you have already been and are considering joining then why wait?

    In a recent survey of NRG Members:   
    * 80% are establishing a network of close business relationships  
    * 80% are getting business through NRG 
    * 62% value the support and sharing of ideas from NRG members   
    * 60% have become advocates for other members   
    * 52% are actively collaborating with other NRG members

    Apply to join by clicking the button below

    There is a one off joining fee of £100 plus VAT for ongoing access to educational materials in order for you to maximise the NRG networking system for your business.


    For the ongoing membership subscription you have a choice of paying anually in advance (£525 plus VAT) or monthly in advance (£50 plus VAT) to suit your cash flow.