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"NRG-networks is where serendipity & real networking happens"

Tom Evans,

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General Articles
Choosing What to Act On by Phil Cheesman, 4Words
The Strategic Management Process. In his last article Phil establishes the importance of following the strategic management process if you want to grow your business, become a more successful and reduce your stress. In this article he describes the first four of the five-stage strategic management process. 1. Start with the Foundations. Like building a house, we need to start with .... .... Read More
Sorting out the Chaos by Phil Cheesman, 4Words
Many of us lead fairly chaotic business lives. We never seem to have time to sit back and think strategically about where we're going and how we're going to get there, let alone do anything substantial about it. Instead, we end up conducting a daily series of fire-fighting actions which leads to inefficiency, frustration and stress. In the worst-cases, the stress can manifest itself in tiredness, grumpiness, depression and deteriorating personal relationships. I call this the "chaotic business syndrome". Typical indicators are ...... .... Read More
The BIG Mistake That Means Networking Doesn’t Work by Dave Clarke, NRG Networks
Business people often turn to networking at different times. Start ups will often network like crazy early on and established businesses will often start when traditional routes to market dry up. The thing they very often have in common is the idea that networking is the answer to their problem. The first and BIG mistake that many people make is they dive headlong into the activity of networking with a complete misunderstanding of what networking really is. Here are 10 top tips on what NOT to do! .... Read More
Never Judge a Book by its Cover! by Jeremy Marchant
Effective networking is not about who you know - it's about who they know (ie the people you spend time building relationships. Find out how Jeremy Marchant developed a major piece of new business through developing the right relationship at the right time. .... Read More
Nothing Compares To The Power Of Trust by Frank D. Kanu
Many articles about networking sound the same: Different authors, different words, but an identical message. "Making the right impression at a networking meeting is important", but that alone does not help you find new business... .... Read More
Have you unlocked the benefits of business networking? by Dave Clarke
Summary of networking research conducted by NRG-networks in 2005 and 2006 to understand the importance of developing trust in business relationships as part of networking. .... Read More
I Refuse to Participate in a Recession? Now More Than Ever! by Dr Ivan Misner
I’ve written a few articles about refusing to participate in a recession and I recently had someone e-mail me saying, “Don’t bother telling me . . . tell my customers. They are not as willing to accept a platitude as you feel I am.” (Ouch, I guess he didn’t like my thoughts on this matter.) Well sir, I’m afraid we’ll just have to agree . . . to disagree. You see, I don’t think it’s a platitude, I think it’s an attitude! .... Read More
10 tips for building business with the effective use of offline & online networks by Dave Clarke
You could be forgiven for thinking there was a battle being fought between offline & online networks with some of the messages from organisations in both camps. The reality is that the online networks give us a really effective tool for supporting our offline business networking activities. They only do that, however, if we go about both activities strategically. I have been an active member of online networks since I discovered them in 2003. Here are my top 10 tips for building business with the effective use of offline & online networks. .... Read More
Getting the most out of One2One meetings by Martin Davies, NRG Business Networks
One2One meetings are the ‘engine room’ when it comes to developing your inner network. They take time, so make sure you are as effective as possible. Networking meetings can be a prime source of meeting new people. When you meet new people you need to decide .... Read More
Who's in your network? by Martin Davies, NRG Business Networks
Do you ever meet people who boast about the amount of people in their network – “I know over 1000 people!” And there you are thinking you don’t know anybody. Well of course you do, but the real question is “How many of the right people are in your network?.” Isn’t it more important to have a handful of the right people in your network who regularly introduce you or refer you to the people you want to meet rather than have lots of business cards of people you may have met once and where you don’t appear on their radar. Here’s a way of defining your network into different categories .... Read More
10 questions to ask when planning a successful website by Keren Lerner
Essential questions to ask yourself when planning a successful website. .... Read More
10 top tips to get sustainable business through networking by Martin Davies, NRG Business Networks
10 top tips to get sustainable business through networking: 1. Develop a plan 2. Don’t expect early results 3. Build relationships first 4. Show a genuine interest in other people 5. Know your target market 6. Prepare your proposition 7. Listen more than talk - and ask open questions 8. Always follow up contacts 9. Arrange contact meetings 10. Develop Networking Advocates .... Read More
Taking (most of) the ‘work’ out of Networking Part 8: Having that meeting. by NRG Business Networks
It may be time for a quick recap. 1. You’ve decided that it makes sense to include networking as a major element in your marketing mix. 2. You’re keen to take it seriously and to prepare yourself for the task at hand. 3. You’re clear as to what you want to achieve from your networking, and have prepared a scintillating answer to the question, “What do you do?” 4. Your business cards are concise as to what you do, carry all pertinent information and can be read without a magnifying glass. 5. You’ve planned ahead as to the networking events you’re going to attend, found out who’s going to attend and done your homework. 6. You’ve turned up, met the people you wanted to, been fascinated by their conversation and collected their cards, with a promise to ring them in the next day or two, and 7. You’ve gone straight back to the office and made copious notes about all the people you’ve met, to refer back to in the future. 8. And you’ve made that follow up phone call and arranged a meeting. .... Read More
Get a Frog Kissing Radar Device by Sarah Owen, Referral Institute
If only we had some sort of magical radar which could tell us right from the first time we met someone whether their values matches ours, whether they were going to do what they say they are going to do, whether they know lots of people we would like to meet, whether we know lots of people they would like to meet, .... Read More
Following up by Synergy
Following up after meeting people at networking meetings is the most important part of the networking event. But so many people don't do this! Here are some hints and tips on what makes a good follow up. .... Read More
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