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Business Networking Blog

80% of Success is Showing Up!

Woody Allen I love this Woody Allen quote. 


So much so that when we started NRG Business Networks all that time ago at the first meeting on 4 June 2004 we ended the meeting with his immortal line “80% of success is showing up!”


At the time what was going through my mind was that if you wanted to be successful at this networking stuff you had to go to networking events and meet people.  Literally you had to show up!


Over the next few years we realised that showing up meant something else.  To succeed in building your network you had to do more than just appear at an event.  You had to have a plan.  You had to know who your clients were, their issues and how you added value.  You had to know who was likely to know your clients and where they hung out.  You had to develop a way of engaging with them in a memorable way, telling stories and, above all, listen to them with intent.  In short to had to show up!


We preached this, and still do, at all our meetings and training sessions.  I believe passionately that you get out what you put in and that is true in spade in building of your personal network.


A couple of months ago I started listening to Dave Harris and Angela Jones’ podcast series ‘The Communication Paradox’ (worth a listen!) and it triggered a third meaning to the Woody Allen quote.  Angela Jones had been saying this for some time but its when I heard it recorded the penny dropped.  To be really effective in engaging with others it must be the real you that engages.  If the real you is at odds with the business persona you shield yourself with others will smell it out instinctively and you will communicate less effectively.  Indeed, it will makes building those vital relationships (we call them friends in business) difficult.


There it is.  Showing up has different meanings:  physical, process and personal.


Woody was nearly right when he said ‘80% of success is showing up’.  I think it is 100%!


Martin Davies

NRG Business Networks

Business Networking Blog > Posted by Martin Davies at 16:09:47, 25 Jul 18
Tags: Business Networking,success,showing up,Woody Allen quote
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The Bottom Line on Successful Networking

Management in 10 WordsOn the BBC Radio 4 programme, The Bottom Line, recently Evan Davis was talking to Sir Terry Leahy in front of an audience at his old school. Sir Terry is the former Tesco CEO and author of Management in 10 Words. The conversation covered many topics, and one that struck me particularly was his view of the key to success in business.

He said the way to get on in business is to give more than you take in any situation. Whether as part of any team, any meeting and anything else you do. He said that as a leader, it is not so much about what you do personally, but what you cause other people to do. How you make them feel better about themselves, the business, and build their confidence and trust. This is the key to success and the building blocks are that generosity. You have to give more than you take.

I wholeheartedly agree and it is the key to success in networking too!


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 12:10:02, 29 Nov 17
Tags: Business Networking,how networking works.
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How To Choose The Right Business Networking Group

Given the huge choice you may have found it difficult to find the right group for your business networking.


In this short video Martin Davies of NRG shares the key questions to ask yourself.



Let me know if it helps.


Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke



Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 16:56:12, 28 Jul 16
Tags: Business Networking
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How To Get In Front Of The Right People

You may have found it difficult to meet the right people through your business networking to date.


In this short video Martin Davies of NRG explains how to get to the people you want to meet.



Let me know if it helps.


Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke



Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 17:12:28, 07 Jun 16
Tags: Business Networking
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The Real Value In Business Networking

You may well have been told that networking is an essential business activity, but struggle to see the value in it.


In this short video Martin Davies of NRG explains the top three reasons why people find networking so valuable.



Let me know if it helps.


Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke



Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 16:26:01, 26 Feb 16
Tags: Business Networking,How Networking Works,networking training
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What our Members get out of NRG - Graham Hill

Here is what Graham Hill, CEO of Verbatim Call Centre, says about what he gets out of being a member of NRG.


"We've built our business through NRG with fantastic suppliers, mentors and some great referrals.  NRG is a terric all-round group to develop your business"



Click on the above title if you want to watch Graham's short video.


Martin Davies

NRG Business Networks

Business Networking Blog > Posted by Martin Davies at 10:57:39, 07 Sep 15
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What To Do If Your Networking is Not Working

One of the biggest challenges you face as a professional or entrepreneur is finding an effective route to market. Many successful professionals and entrepreneurs find Business Networking is an essential part of their go to market strategy. Others are frustrated with the time and money they spend without results.


If you have invested time and money networking without a good return don't despair. In this short video my NRG colleague, Martin Davies, explains how to turn things around.



Let me know if it helps.


Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke



Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 17:28:44, 22 Jul 15
Tags: networking training,How Networking Works,Business Networking
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Ever Tried Networking But Without Success?

Business Networking Mind Map


Have you ever heard someone say, "I tried networking, but it did not work"?


You may even have said it yourself!


Many people are  advised to try networking when they want to find new business and that may be the root of the problem for someone who says it did not work. They try it with that idea in mind and as a result may be sending out all the wrong signals. Along with the advice to try networking they were probably told it is not about finding business directly. It is about relationships, selling through the room etc, etc. They then attend an event and get invited to pitch either to a group or to everyone who asks, "What do you do?".


For someone with no experience of networking this is all very confusing and, unintentionally, they probably sound as if they are trying to sell (however softly) and that puts people off. It is not surprising when their reaction is that the whole thing does not work. 


The best thing is to invite people to think about it differently in the first place. At NRG we believe that you need to build a network to be able to deliver what you do, to support you, and to uncover the business opportunities that suit you. If you start with that premise then the way you go about your networking will subtly change and that change will deliver results.


So the next time someone asks for some advice on networking please share these tips with them.


1. Networking is about making friends in business. Friends help and support each other.


2. The right mindset is 'We thinking' and not 'I thinking'. What can we do together?


3. Even if you are networking for business you are not selling to people directly. Your pitch needs to be around how you can help each others contacts with their problems.


4. It is also about support. It can be lonely in business and it is great to have likeminded people to share the ups and downs with.


5. Your Network is your biggest asset. Take care to nurture the connections you make and the friendships you have made along the way.


6. Manage who is in your Network. You only have the capacity for a finite number of relationships. There are those you interact with all of the time. Some you just need to maintain the relationships and some you are getting to know. There will be people you do not want in your Network too.


7. Find where to meet the right people. It is really time efficient to regularly attend groups and events with the people in your Network and the ones you are looking to add.


8. Have a keep in touch strategy. Once you identify who is in your network then work out how best to regularly keep in touch. You may want to invest in some software to help.


9. The real value in your Network comes from building trust. This is your investment in Social Capital.


10. Become an Advocate for others. Freely connect other people and ideas and you will attract others who will follow your example and do the same for you and others.


Let me know how you get on.


Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke



Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 17:40:34, 22 Jan 15
Tags: Business Networking,friends in business,business support
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Why Your Pitch At Networking Events May Be Wrong

PushRecently I attended a networking event and listened to about 20 people pitch their business. The common thread was that they all pitched in exactly the same way as they would if we were prospects. The problem with that is that networking events are not full of your prospects. They are full of people like you. How do you feel when people constantly pitch at you?


The people I know who get the most out of networking focus on building a trusted network of contacts. A group of friends in business. People who provide support, advice, a sounding board when needed and introductions to other friends when they need the services of someone like you. They know that doesn't happen overnight. You have to really get to know people first which takes time so you need a strategy to keep in touch. Joining a networking group is one way of ensuring you meet people regularly to build that all important trust.


I host a couple of NRG Networking Groups and the most frequent comment I get from guests is how refreshing it is to meet a group of people who are genuinely interested in you rather than just pitching at you. This isn't accidental. It's a combination of attracting people who agree with our view of networking and then providing a facilitating environment to accelerate the trust building process by focusing on interactions that will do just that.


The next time you're at a networking event why not say to people that the reason you're there is not to find customers, but to find people who are interested in helping each other grow business in mutually supportive ways.


Let me know how you get on.


Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke



If you would like to understand more about how to invest your networking time and get a better return visit the 8 blog series on How To Win More Business Through Networking


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 16:52:37, 25 Nov 14
Tags: NRG,Business Networking,Trust,friends in business
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Flipping the marketing funnel

Last week I attended a Google for Work event, 'Reimagining fast growth'. Google were presenting research commissioned from Deloitte on how the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs (small and medium sized businesses). Not surprisingly the research found that the fastest growing small businesses make extensive use of cloud technologies. You can find the research report at this link.


In addition to Google and Deloitte were speakers with real life experience of starting and growing businesses. Their stories brought the ideas to life.







I really liked the way that Peter Briffett, COO of Yplan, spoke about flipping the marketing funnel. In the past people looked at marketing as a funnel with lots of prospects in at the top with the aim of customers dropping out at the bottom. He said now you have to focus on each customer and deliver something good they are compelled to share.flipped funnel


As Peter said, "There is nothing more meaningful than friends talking to friends".


It's worth remembering that because it's at the heart of effective business networking.



Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke



If you would like to understand more about how to invest your networking time and get a better return visit the 8 blog series on How To Win More Business Through Networking


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 17:19:17, 29 Sep 14
Tags: Business Networking,Word of Mouth,friends in business
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