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"Thank you for a very warm welcome. Networking at its best!"

Andrew Livingstone, Lloyds Banking Group

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Business Networking Blog

How Small Groups of Friends Are Key to Influence

GroupedThis week I have enjoyed listening to the audio version of the new book from Facebook researcher, Paul Adams. Entitled 'Grouped: How Small Groups of Friends Are the Key to Influence on the Social Web' the book explains how influence really works in Social Networks. It does this in a simple and effective way and as this review from Brilliant Noise explains the book also "... adds a great deal of depth, effectively collating and structuring a mass of academic research on social media, networks and influence more broadly."


This explanation of how influence really works backed up with solid evidence is essential for understanding 'Word of Mouth' and therefore how you win business through networking. I have written before in 'The Networking Numbers Myth' about some of the ideas covered by this book in explaining how networking really works in business.


People often think business networking is about constantly meeting as many new people as possible. Influence is not built in this way. Influence, advocacy and positive word of mouth are built by investing time in building relationships and making the right friends in business. It is these small groups of friends that get you access to the people you want to do business with.


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 19:34:24, 15 Dec 11
Tags: Word of Mouth,Social Networking,Business Networking
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Is it really quality or quantity in networking?

Trust in NetworkingI have been involved in a number of discusssions about quality versus quantity in business networking. For many of the people in these discussions this was not the real issue at all. The real issue was that they had not identified how you go about building a business through networking. They were focused on the activity of connecting with people either offline or online with the expectation that somehow business would result.


I met someone last week who said "I've been doing this networking for a year now, but got nothing out of it." The main problem was that it was a year of attending events and making connnections without investing any time in building relationships.


The 'killer app' in building word of mouth through business networking is trust. If you want someone to recommend you in business they need to trust you. You need to invest time in building a relationship for that to happen. You also need to be doing stuff for other people rather than expecting people to just look out for you. Once you have built your trusted network you have a group of people who are collaborating with each other for the benefit of each others business.


In this short podcast I spoke about some of the confusion around the subject of quantity or quality in networking.


If you have a spare 3 minutes then listen here:


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 16:50:08, 06 Dec 11
Tags: quantity,Trust,quality,Social Networking,Business Networking
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The business networking catch 22

Catch 22The phrase, Catch 22, is often used to describe situations where the outcome appears impossible to reach at first sight.It comes from the title of the novel of the same name.


We did some research into building trusted relationships through business networking a few years ago. One of the key building blocks in such a relationship is that a person may well need to experience what you do before recommending you. That can be difficult outside of a traditional supplier/client relationship. Hence the Networking Catch 22:


How do you get recommended to a trusted contact from someone you have not done business with?


In this short podcast I talk about a couple of ideas for sharing your expertise and building the trust needed for someone to recommend you.


Invest 3 minutes in listening Now:


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 14:24:24, 23 Nov 11
Tags: Short blog and podcast with some simple ideas about how to share your expertise and build the trust needed for someone to recommend you.
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How To Get More From Your Networking

Return on RelationshipsIn my last blog I wrote that there was one question I get asked more than any other.


"How can I get more from my networking?"


Some people go further and complain that they spend vast amounts of time networking without any return on the activity.


The main problem is often that they are just spending time on the activity itself. They are not really investing in the relationships where the real benefits of networking are to be found. In this short podcast I share some simple ideas about how to motivate others to help you get a return on your networking investment.


Invest 3 minutes in listening here:


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 15:00:21, 15 Nov 11
Tags: Networking for Advocates,networking with NRG
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How you give determines what you get in networking

advocateThere is one question about Business Networking that I am asked more than any other.


It is "How can I get more from my networking?"


There are many things that you can do and I write about them frequently here. The number one thing may require a shift in your thinking. It means giving first without placing conditions.


If you are networking for advocates then you need to become an advocate for others first. In this short podcast I explain more about the importance of this concept.


Invest 3 minutes in listening here:


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 14:04:43, 07 Nov 11
Tags: Networking for Advocates,How Networking Works
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One Essential in Building Business Relationships

121 meetingIn 'Following up has never been easier to do',  I wrote that The social web has enhanced your ability to maintain connectedness and nurture relationships with people within your networks. The key to building a successful relationship with someone in business networking is follow up.


At the heart of this follow up activity is the One to One Meeting (121). 121 interactions are an essential step in building quality business relationships. They are the next step after you have invested time in getting to know someone a little through networking.


Your aim in the first meeting could just be to establish whether you are going to go forward & build a business relationship or not. You don't need a formal agenda, but there are some things that help in the long term when you agree them up front.


1. How much time you will both set aside for the meeting

2. What do you want to learn about each others background and business?

3. Is there a fit between your business and theirs? If you can see yourself being able to introduce them to other trusted contacts of yours then what would need to happen for that to take place?

4. What will the next steps be?


Listen to some more ideas about what to discuss in 121 meetings in this short podcast.


Invest 3 minutes in listening here:


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 17:03:44, 25 Oct 11
Tags: #121,Social Networking,Networking Relationships,Networking for Advocates,Networking Follow Up
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The Power of a Simple Thank You

Thank YouI have never met Ken Tudhope yet I think of him as a friend in business. Ken is a recruiter in Orange County, California who writes a blog, Networking Notes. In reality I believe he networks for a living and monetises it through recruiting senior-level financial and accounting professionals.


Ken first came to my attention when a Thank You Card arrived from him in the post (real mail not email). It was hand written and included these words;


"I have not met you but I feel I know you. I read your blog and learn each time. I think we have much in common, kids , networking, 50 something etc. Keep writing! If you are ever in L.A. California let me know. I will buy you a drink. If you ever write a book let me know, I will buy the first copy."


It made me feel really good. We have spoken since, swapped a few stories, and done a few things for each other.


Just think what a Thank You like that could do for the business relationships that are important to you.


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 9:24:16, 21 Oct 11
Tags: business networking tips,Social Networking,Networking Follow Up
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Following up has never been easier

Following UpWhen I was wrapping up after a recent NRG Event I asked how many people were on Linkedin. Everyone in the room indicated they were. This helps make it easier than ever before to follow up and maintain contact between those face to face meetings. The people who really 'get' networking connect with people then follow up and build relationships as well as nurturing the relationships they already have.


Linkedin is a great example of where the social web has enhanced your ability to maintain connectedness and nurture relationships with people within your networks. Following up really has never been easier to do. It is only by following up that you get to build those relationships that bring you the fruits of your business networking. It is the essential ingredient in building those relationships and is vital if you want your business networking to be productive.


In this short podcast I explain more on the importance of follow up and share some simple tips on how to get into the habit of following up.


Invest 3 minutes in listening here:


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Martin Davies at 17:29:48, 12 Oct 11
Tags: Follow up,Social Networking,Business Networking
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The Secrets of Social Networking

Director Cover October 2011An article in the October 2011 edition of Director Magazine from the Institute of Directors caught my eye this week. Entitled 'The Secrets of Social Networking' it features the six finalists in the IoD's best-connected women in British business poll. Each of them reveal how they network and why it is so important.


The thing that strikes me from each of their comments is that they share similar views about social networking and there is no secret! Networking is first and foremost about building relationships whether that is online or offline. The following are just some of the great networking insights shared in the article.


Polly Gowers, founder, Everyclick.com:

"It's about more than networking – it's about relationships... My advice is to talk to people – it is the personal connection that matters. The old-fashioned basis of creating a relationship doesn't change – once you've got that groundswell of following, then you can start to leverage it using technology."


Lynne Franks, founder of SEED (Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics):

"I use all social media – it's a different kind of connection. That's what's great about it: one tweet can reach thousands of people in seconds. I do still have face-to-face meetings – I'd say I spend three days a week in meetings. Now I've got B.Hive (a women's business networking club), I've got the place and the space. Never abuse your connections or friendships – I don't ask favours of any of them. It's about creating a healthy business relationship on merit. Go to the networking events, and be prepared to work hard if you really want something. "


Bindi Karia, VC/Emerging Business Lead, Microsoft BizSpark:

"My network helps my customers – it's as simple as that. The more, better and deeper connections I have, the more useful I am. It's important to combine different ways of connecting and not to just rely on one tool. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and good old email are all incredibly powerful ways of staying connected. But the best connections start with face-to-face meetings and attending and speaking at industry events. Nothing replaces real human interaction... Don't be selfish: always try to be prepared to help your network/connections without necessarily expecting anything in return. The greater the contribution you make, the more people will value you and will respond in kind."


Lucy Marcus, founder, Marcus Venture Consulting:

"It is not just about the number of people you know or the mountain of business cards you collect, but rather about the depth and authenticity of the relationships you build and sustain, the depth and maturity of the connection you have with one another, and about nurturing and valuing the free flow of ideas. The integration of social media tools and the use of technologies such as Skype means that used properly, the online and offline exchange of ideas can be seamless."


Shaa Wasmund, founder, Smarta.com:

"I'm a firm believer in building long term-relationships, not simply "networking". I have been helped by some of the most unlikely of connections and we can learn from everyone. Being well connected enables me to connect and help more people. Collaboration is the most important word in my business dictionary. I've found Twitter to be an invaluable way to help make introductions, but nothing beats spending real time with people in person... Listen more than you talk. Be interested in people for who they are, not what you might be able to get from them. Give freely, give generously and give without expectations."


Carole Stone, chairman, YouGovStone:

"I have assiduously kept a record of people I have met and found interesting throughout both my professional and my personal life. Once I've met them I try my hardest to keep in touch. I think we can all learn from each other's experiences – how other people cope with what life throws at them. Nothing compares with face to face – so often I have found a real meeting invaluable – but my trusty mobile is constantly at my side. Networking for me is not an add-on – it's an essential. Good networking is making the most of the people you meet to your mutual advantage... Add people you want to keep in touch with to your database, cross-referencing where you met, and invite them to something in the near future, before they forget who you are."


Read the entire Director Magazine Article here.


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 14:06:32, 04 Oct 11
Tags: business networking tips,Social Networking,Networking Relationships,IoD
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What your clients really buy

What do you really do?In 'How to answer the hardest networking question' I wrote about how to answer confidently when someone asks you that simple question, "what do you do?"


One of the best things you can do when trying to answer a question like that is to put yourself into the mind of your client. When they buy you or your service what are they really buying?


For example, at NRG we run facilitated networking and mastermind groups for Business Owners and Professionals. For larger firms we run 'in house' programmes to strengthen their business relationships with current and former clients. However, that is not what people buy. What they buy is a solution to their problem of getting more word of mouth and recommended business.


In this short podcast I talk about some more examples to give you a a further insight into what your business does and what your clients really buy.


Invest 3 minutes in listening here:


Good Networking!

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Business Networking Blog > Posted by Dave Clarke at 14:54:42, 29 Sep 11
Tags: business networking tips,Niche,Target Market,Marketing
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