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"Very relaxed and enjoyable event. I felt positive energy all around me!"

Markella Samara, Barclays Bank

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Do you spend too much time meeting new people? - Business Networking Blog

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2009-11-06 08:08:00
Do you spend too much time meeting new people?
In a couple of seminars and One2One sessions this week we have discussed the amount of time spent on Networking. We have then broken that down into time spent in different aspects of networking:

1. Meeting new people
2. Getting to know existing contacts better
3. Spending time with your Inner Network
4. Building trust with your close contacts or advocates

Most people agree that before people buy from you or refer you they need to know, like and trust you and that takes time. You need to meet first, but then you need to keep meeting the people you like to really get to know them and build that trust.

The people I discussed this with during the week were spending nearly all their networking time on meeting new people with almost no time left for the most important relationship stuff. Getting to know the people they like and have already met. Then building trust with the ones they know and like.

Do you need look at your networking time?

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
Get 7 networking secrets for business success

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Posted by Dave Clarke at 8:08:00, 06 Nov 09
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