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Barry Neil of Ambient Computer Services

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Secure Online File Storage and Sharing - 10% Off - Member Offerings & Events

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2011-02-09 18:15:01
Secure Online File Storage and Sharing - 10% Off

What is Vaultium? Vaultium allows all kinds of businesses and individuals to manage, store and share any kind of file online using an ultra secure software as a service 'vault' based in the UK. We've partnered with The Bunker - Europe's most secure ex-military nuclear proof underground data centre to provide our clients with a compliance and regulatory supporting service backed by a professional team who've served the industry since 2002.


Who is it for? Vaultium can be used by individuals up to any kind and size of business. It is ideal for SMEs, geographically located teams, clubs, teams, departments and charities. 


Why do I need manage my files? Everyone, including all businesses are having to manage, store, share, access, backup (be safe from any loss or disasters) and retain for compliance purposes or simply keep an archive of a massively growing volume of electronic files. We are having to deal with an average of 50% year on year growth of managing electronic documents, presentations, emails, photos, graphics files -  we are simply 'drowning' in information! All this needs to be managed in an ultra secure way with anytime and anywhere access on the go and always available 24x7x365.


With the increase in mobility based working i.e. working from different locations and on the move, having to share more files with all kinds of internal colleagues and partners, files need to be secure and synchronised throughout the company. People need access to the latest files, securely and from anywhere. Laptops, USBs and moible devices can be stolen, lost or suffer from hardware failure. One option is to install a purchase a network file server, leading to expensive maintainance contracts and hard to manage. Information should simply be like using an utility like electricity and water i.e. you pay for what you use on a monthly plan. 


How secure are my files? In partnership with The Bunker - Europe's most secure underground ex-military nuclear proof data centre, Vaultium use strong encryption techniques, folder and file level permissions and passwords for ultra secure access. Vaultium, established 2002, have also consulted and helped some of the largest secure government and private organisations in the UK manage their documents and meet information security compliance, regulations and standards.   


What are the benefits and how will it help me?



  • Drag and drop any kind of file e.g. documents, presentations, emails, photos, graphics of any size into secure private "vaults" - no file size restrictions. Transfer files safely with up to 256-bit encryption
  • Set up user permissions and control who see's what - share externally using expiry-set links to whole folders or individual files - quick and easy.
  • Manage files through a personalised dashboard - see instant activity and audit logs


  • Powerful full text (search content within files), advanced searching and clickable activity logs
  • Set up tags and categories to perform cross folder searches and use the in-built version control
  • Instant access anytime and anywhere, 99.99% uptime guarantee


  • Partnered with The Bunker - an ISO27001 accreditated ex-military nuclear proof underground data centre - Europe's most secure. Your files are protected and safe.
  • Support for all kinds of compliance and regulations including The Data Protection Act (DPA)
  • Comprehensive auditing and records management features to help archive, manage retention and set secure disposal schedules (new feature coming soon!)

Members Discount

Vaultium is a member of NRG and is offering all members a 10% discount on first time subscriptions. For sign up please visit www.vaultium.com/pricing and enter promotion code "NRG701"


For further information or any questions please contact May Ladd, NRG Member, Founder and CEO of Vaultium on may.ladd@vaultium.com or on mobile 07734 694 771.  


"keep, find and manage your information forever"

Posted by at 18:15:01, 09 Feb 11
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