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Why you need to get pitch perfect to win - Member Offerings & Events

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2014-09-15 14:54:48
Why you need to get pitch perfect to win

We’ve been part of several discussions this week about how sales people are becoming the deciding factor in new business wins.



Differentiation is key …


Interestingly, we’ve realised that the ways sales people are currently being told to differentiate themselves is exactly what we entrepreneurs have been doing for ages. So:

  • Being expert in the customer’s industry

  • Being expert at showing how your product/services deliver value

  • Being expert in identifying the customer’s business objectives and tying their product or service to it

This mindset is crucial to winning business from today’s buyers. But commercial fluency isn’t enough.

It’s clear that prospective clients are now spoiled for choice. They have bags full of information about you and your company and huge amounts of power in buying scenarios – especially with competitive bids or buying committees.


… and how you communicate can make all the difference


If differentiation is key, then we must find additional ways to differentiate ourselves in the eyes of our customers. But, maybe more importantly, we need to think about how we communicate in sales situations as this can make all the difference in an increasingly commoditised world.

It’s time to have buyers clamouring for your business. It’s time for you to pitch compellingly and convincingly. It’s time for you to get pitch perfect and win! For five tips to better pitching, check this out

Join us on 2nd October and share your views on "Thinking on your feet"

Posted by Deon Newbronner at 14:54:48, 15 Sep 14
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