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"This is Networking with a capital N! Lots of people think they are networking when they go for coffee in the middle of a conference but these people work at it with a purpose. They are so proactive!"

David Hothersall, Director, Kinlan (Financial PR & Investor Relations)

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Seeing Eye to Eye or Seeing Red - NRG Expert Speakers

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2012-01-24 12:42:51
Seeing Eye to Eye or Seeing Red

Richard Hovey was the expert speaker at our Bristol Central Group lunch in November 2011 and is delivering the talk at other NRG Groups too. He is director and lead coach of Finding True North. Here he writes about his enthusiasm for his subject.


"I’m passionate about helping people to find and follow their passion in business, and to develop the skills that they need to excel. Many people start businesses because they are good at something (and perhaps fed up with their boss) and then discover that although they are good at the ‘something’ (accountancy, photography, graphic design, etc.) that doesn’t mean that they are good at running a business. So they have new skills to develop. That is my experience too.


People who regularly attend networking groups such as NRG are already aware of the centrality of relationship-building to leadership and to building a business. This is true for everyone who runs a business: a study in the Harvard Business Review showed that 87% of the issues that business leaders face are not to do with technical skill: they are to do with relationships. How do we get better at working with people who have a range of personality types, whether they are work with or for you, or are clients or suppliers? This is an area that fascinates me.


I realise from the one-to-one coaching that I do that many people do not have a ‘map’ that allows them to recognise the similarities and differences between their personality and that of others, to know how other people view them, and to build better communications. My talk Seeing Eye to Eye or Seeing Red is an interactive game which gives people this ‘map’ – a way of understanding personality. The top level of the map I use for this talk is from Insights® Discovery and is shown in the diagram below. (In-depth training and profiles are available for people who want to understand more.)"

Insights® Discovery Model

People who attend the talk will see a way to recognise different personalities and how these affect communication, relationships and team work; discover more about their own personality and how people see them on a “good day” and on a “bad day”; and experience a model that will help them to quickly increase the effectiveness of their rapport-building and communications, which they can apply right away.


After the event in Bristol, Group Leader Melissa Neill commented that this talk was “the best one we have had.”


To find out more about Richard and Finding True North, visit http://www.findingtruenorth.co.uk


(The diagram is © Andrew Lothian, Insights, Dundee, Scotland, and is reproduced here with permission.)

Posted by Dave Clarke at 12:42:51, 24 Jan 12
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