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Member Stories

Networking Works!
Story from Tony Mundella about how Business Networking can work if you nurture the relationships with the people you meet
Member Stories > Posted by Dave Clarke at 16:47:02, 25 Jan 17
Tags: Business Networking,How Networking Works,NRG
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Collaboration in Action with Peter & Trevor
Short Video with Peter Wordley & Trevor Lever talking about their Collaboration through Business Networking with NRG
Member Stories > Posted by Dave Clarke at 14:34:41, 02 Dec 11
Tags: Business Networking,Video,Collaboration
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What networking means to me
I set up 4 Words Management Improvement in 2003, to allow me to move away from corporate boardrooms and deal with smaller businesses where decisions are made and implemented more quickly. The trouble was that I had recently relocated to South Wales and had no business contacts there at all!
Member Stories > Posted by Martin Davies at 8:55:19, 03 Oct 11
Tags: nrg business networks,Business Networking,Networking for Advocates,effective networking,NRG
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From not working to networking with NRG
Ian Middleton's networking journey - not working to 100% success!
Member Stories > Posted by Dave Clarke at 12:29:10, 08 Apr 11
Tags: Networking for Advocates,effective networking,NRG
47898 Views 1 Comments

New business and collaboration with NRG
Networking with NRG yields great business returns and more for Inon.
Member Stories > Posted by Dave Clarke at 12:38:55, 10 Feb 11
Tags: business networking success,Collaboration,Business Development,ROI
41742 Views 0 Comments

My NRG relationships earn me money & credibility
As a Business Finance Advisor it is beneficial to both my client and me that I have access to professionals who are experts, in this case in the renewable energy sector. I have developed some excellent contacts and associates over the last 12 months of NRG networking. I was able to quickly identify like minded people from different disciplines who know the renewable energy sector well and have both the expertise and complimentary services to enable me to present a comprehensive package of solutions to my client.
Member Stories > Posted by Martin Davies at 19:06:51, 30 Nov 10
Tags: Success Story,NRG Case Study
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Building a great network of suppliers through NRG
NRG has helped me develop a network of trusted suppliers who I can refer to my clients. This makes me look good, have happier clients and get more business.
Member Stories > Posted by Martin Davies at 18:53:23, 30 Nov 10
Tags: Success Story,NRG Case Study
48134 Views 0 Comments

Software Developer says his dramatic growth is because of networking
Two years ago Charlie Collins, MD of Ayrmer Software, had a poor view of networking - it wasn't working for him. He joined NRG and re-learnt about what networking is all about. Just over one year later and his business is booming - all through networking!
Member Stories > Posted by Dave Clarke at 10:56:11, 26 Jul 06
73568 Views 0 Comments

A great place to find trusted suppliers
Ealine found networking through NRG a great way to develop relationships in different geographical areas. This has lead to her developing trusted suppliers fast.
Member Stories > Posted by Dave Clarke at 11:37:42, 12 Jul 06
71754 Views 0 Comments

Why NRG works for me
I sensed I was on to a good thing when they told me they'd love to accommodate me at their first meeting, but they were already overbooked! Happily they found some space and squeezed me in.
Member Stories > Posted by Dave Clarke at 11:32:08, 12 Jul 06
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