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"A great introduction to networking. NRG makes it very welcoming for the nervous networker to find business contacts and friends"

Grant Bagwell, Ayrmer Software

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Business Articles

Should you stay or should you go?
Networking is constantly evolving, and our preconceptions about it can affect how well we do it. I think there are three key areas to consider before you go to a networking event...
Business Articles > Posted by Deon Newbronner at 14:58:48, 03 Jun 13
Tags: networking,how to network,how not to network,relationship building,Business Development,networking events,Public Speaking,presenting,Deon Newbronner
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STAY’ing…the key to business success
Have you done something today where you saw “the thing” through to the end? Maybe it was a new business idea, a website improvement task, perhaps one of your “to-do list” items, a DIY project or a hobby.
Business Articles > Posted by Deon Newbronner at 10:15:23, 13 Mar 13
Tags: pitch,Professional,networking,executive,tenacity,awareness
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Connecting with your valentine
I liken Valentines love to “the love” we want to show our clients, colleagues, and our team. If what we show is mere material extrinsic rewards or favours, we may not be connecting with their hearts and minds. Is there a meaningful relationship? And if there isn’t a genuine relationship, can we expect more business from our client?
Business Articles > Posted by Deon Newbronner at 10:38:11, 15 Feb 13
Tags: clients,advice,Professional,Leadership,success,executive
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Balance is the secret…
Think about the last time you told someone a story, a joke or relayed some anecdote. What made it work?
Business Articles > Posted by Deon Newbronner at 8:50:14, 31 Jan 13
Tags: Professional,pitching,executive,Leadership,networking,balance
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Authentic Leadership Can Be Your Achilles Heel…
The new year is upon us and I am guessing we’ve all made the proverbial resolutions, or perhaps you haven’t but you’ve started the year with gusto. You possess a sense of determination to perhaps be true to yourself a little more. Take that long weekend when you need to. Take a lunch break. Spend more time with the kids. Exercise a little more. Secure more business. Work to get that promotion. All-in-all we want to be a little truer to ourselves. Authentic?
Business Articles > Posted by Deon Newbronner at 9:48:33, 18 Jan 13
Tags: Leadership,executive,pitch,presenting,Leadership
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Branding does not work so why ban it?-Tobacco Ind.
The spat between the Government and Tobacco companies over cigarette cartons is a rare insight into the link between branding and winning new customers. Applicable to NRG businesses, it is a dramatic case of what happens when brand activity is cut.
Business Articles > Posted by Chris Clark at 14:30:43, 10 Aug 12
Tags: Brand,branding,new clients,advertising,point of sale,POS,clark marketing ltd
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12 Things You Need To Know About “No Win, No Fee”
12 Things You Need To Know About “No Win, No Fee” Agreements.
Business Articles > Posted by Christopher Burgon at 16:06:30, 02 Mar 12
Tags: Chris Burgon,CFA,Conditional Fee Agreement,No Win No Fee Agreements
31860 Views 0 Comments

Staring in the face of adversity - some tips for s
Staring in the face of adversity - an experience of the recession from a SME viewpoint with some useful advice and tips
Business Articles > Posted by Vince McConville at 10:17:16, 27 Sep 11
Tags: Business Tips,Recession,Business Planning
31693 Views 0 Comments

Trimming your business’s costs, without compromise
How to reduce your business's costs without compromising on quality.
Business Articles > Posted by Martin Davies at 18:28:02, 05 Aug 11
Tags: business costs,cost reduction,cut business costs,reduce business costs
43731 Views 0 Comments

Have you got Rugrats on your website?
Don't let your website languish - update the copy and give it a fresh look
Business Articles > Posted by Joanna Smyth at 20:19:50, 13 Jun 11
Tags: copy,copywriting,proofreading,PR,public relations,Swindon,Wiltshire,editing,blogging,newsletters
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