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Balance is the secret… - Business Articles

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2013-01-31 08:50:14
Balance is the secret…

Balance is the secret...

Recently I “social media’ed” a link to an article about Obama’s public speaking techniques and 5 Public Speaking Tips for Entrepreneurs. http://moragbrand.webs.com/PPC/balance.jpgI believe both these articles have useful bits in them. I won’t repeat what the articles had to say. I want to draw your attention to some fundamentals of good public speaking:

  1. Your content is important, but you are just as important.
  2. Nothing holds more water than the truth.
  3. Balancing you, your content and the truth makes people connect with you.

For me, balancing is the crucial element. Recently I had this re-enforced by a client. I think it is the pièce de resistance of life and indeed good public speaking. What does all this mean? Think about the last time you told someone a story, a joke or relayed some anecdote. What made it work? I would suggest you covered the three elements above.

  • You were comfortable with the subject matter. Able to emphasise certain bits/repeat particular phrases. You knew your content. You had practiced.
  • You knew who you were talking to, so you delivered it targeted at them. You knew your audience.
  • You chose your moment to tell the story, the joke or anecdote. You knew your space.
  • You coloured the delivery. I bet you didn’t talk with a monotone voice and your head down. You used your voice and body language to good effect.

In essence you were, in that moment, an excellent public speaker. I believe we have all the techniques at our disposal, inherent within us. We just forget to draw on them in a “crises”, when feeling under pressure. But telling a story or a joke is not in front of large audience. No it’s not, but the skills and techniques are exactly the same. It’s our negative thoughts we listen to, that alter everything. They make us think too much. We therefore think we are less able to rely on our inherent ability to tell stories, jokes and anecdotes in a public speaking environment. Balance your thinking...

How do I change the way I think?

Come along to Pitch Perfect Club on Thursday 31st January 2013. Book your buy-one-get-one-free ticket here (and bring a friend) and ask me this question and I will share with you the secret... See you there!

Being You - the value of authenticity - 31st January 2013

Come along to Pitch Perfect Club on Thursday 31st January 2013. Book your buy-one-get-one-free ticket here (and bring a friend). (Full details can be found here)


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Posted by Deon Newbronner at 8:50:14, 31 Jan 13
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