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Online and Offline Networking go Hand in Hand - Business Networking Blog

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2010-01-25 09:16:00
Online and Offline Networking go Hand in Hand
At a meeting earlier this month people were talking about how difficult it is to keep track of all the interactions we now have both online and offline. Last month in my National Networker Column I wrote about the many different ways we have of keeping in touch with the advent of social networks and social media. Online networks give us a a really effective tool for supporting our offline business networking activities. As I have written before, though, they only do that, however, if we go about both activities strategically.

In an article on the NRG-networks website I shared my top 10 tips for building business with the effective use of offline & online networks:

1. Get comfortable with how networking works
2. Develop a plan
3. Identify the people you already know, like & trust
4. Identify the offline networks to join
5. Show a genuine interest in other people
6. Always follow up contacts
7. Identify the online networks to join and start a blog
8. Make online contacts and build relationships first
9. Arrange contact meetings
10. Develop Networking Advocates

More on each point in the article, top 10 tips for building business with the effective use of offline & online networks

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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Posted by Dave Clarke at 9:16:00, 25 Jan 10
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