Business Articles Effective business networking with NRG Business Networks Wed, 08 Jul 2020 01:08:27 +0000 en Should you stay or should you go? Networking is constantly evolving, and our preconceptions about it can affect how well we do it. I think there are three key areas to consider before you go to a networking event... Connecting with your valentine Think about the last time you told someone a story, a joke or relayed some anecdote. What made it work? Branding does not work so why ban it?-Tobacco Ind. The spat between the Government and Tobacco companies over cigarette cartons is a rare insight into the link between branding and winning new customers. Applicable to NRG businesses, it is a dramatic case of what happens when brand activity is cut. Staring in the face of adversity - some tips for s Staring in the face of adversity - an experience of the recession from a SME viewpoint with some useful advice and tips How to reduce your business's costs without compromising on quality. Have you got Rugrats on your website? Don't let your website languish - update the copy and give it a fresh look Boosting customer retention Many businesses measure success according to sales, profit margins and other internal factors. However, in doing this a business focuses directly on its own interests and risks neglecting the needs of its most valuable asset: its customer base. The Role of the Non-Executive Director The role of Non executive Directors in the rapidly expanding SME marketplace. 10 top tips for networking online and offline 10 top tips to increase business with the effective use of offline & online networks